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Deepa Sanwal – Fashion Headshot Photoshoot

“fire in her bones
honey in her soul.
she is sweet
when she has to be
and fierce
when she needs to be.”

Deepa and I have known each other for as long as dirt (kinda exaggerating but it’s true). But only this past weekend I got to know what two creative girls can do when they put their brains and talent together!
Deepa had a vision for her Photoshoot. She wanted strong yet gentle. Classy yet grungy. So we did just that.
I created this light Smokey eyes for her with very nude lips and loads of contouring and highlighting! Thank God for her naturally amazing chiseled face, the contouring was almost not necessary! We also curled her hair to give the look a bit more character and edginess. And the metallic top brought the entire look together quite beautifully giving her a rocker chick look!
Doesn’t she look amazing???!!!

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Urban Scenes

As 2018 comes to a close, I cant help but look back and join the dots of all the events and happenings of the past year. Thinking about them and reflecting on all the things I have learned and how all of that has added to the person I am today. And the only feeling that it triggers in me is pure happiness and satisfaction!

Late 2017 I propelled my passion for photography into the people space. My love for meeting people and getting to know their life stories had me meeting so many amazing people and the journey only gets better. I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented people I know and for that I am immensely thankful to each and every person I have met and most importantly for their time! I cannot wait for 2019 as I sit on the edge of my chair, typing this blog post. That is how excited I am about 2019 and all the opportunities and experiences it is going to bring forth.

Last weekend, this wonderful lady and I met and had an amazing time taking photos and talking about our passions, career opportunities and all the stuff we have in common i.e. India!!! Who knew! 🙂

Stefanie is in the process of building her portfolio and is a great model to work with. Super personable and always up for experimenting with new ideas and themes!

Check her Insta page out –

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The Roaring 20s

“When I look at the two of you, the Great Gatsby movie comes to mind!” were my words when Joanna and I first chatted about collaborating on an idea. Their photos screamed romance, oppulence and high fashion the moment I looked through their portfolio.

Their amazing chemistry, romance and love is incredibly inspiring and my biggest challenge was going to be to capture all the dynamic emotions and expressions into one 35mm frame! How the heck am I going to do that?!! Well let’s say, I tried to give it my best shot and the sexy duo made it a dream of a photoshoot for me!

If you are looking for incredibly talented models and actors, do check out Joanna and Brian’s Instagram page!

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Art Deco Inspired Photoshoot

As I grow older, the past fascinates me more than ever before. Maybe because I see more behind me than in front, very slowly.

One of my models and good friend Alexy and I were making plans of our next photoshoot and looking for indoor locations. If you have lived or even visited Minnesota, you know that outdoor photography is next to impossible from late November to about end of April. For the ones who can brave the cold, that might not really matter.

Lo and behold, Mickey’s Diner came to mind! So we drove over there on a cold Saturday morning and shamelessly took photos. It was their busiest hour so we weren’t able to take the full advantage of the interesting restaurant. Yet we managed to get some fun photos out of the experience.

If you are a photographer looking for trained models to shoot with, check out Alexy’s Instagram page –

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It was so great to work with Nyah on this fashion shoot. She was amazing with her poses and read my mind each time I wanted her to give me a pose that I wanted!

The idea of the outfit was hers and I think she was bang on!

If you are interested in shooting with her, do visit her Instagram page and reach out to her-

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Outcome of a beautiful fall day, great location and a stunning Indian woman!

Being an Indian, it gives me alot of joy and gets me quite excited whenever I have the opportunity to capture images of colorful Indian wear. It is such a treat to capture the fall and swish of the lehenga and the dupatta. And it is an absolute dream to brighten up the hue even further in post.

Vineeta and I had a vision of bringing Indian and Western outfit together to create a unique trendy look. We paired a beautiful indian lehenga and choli with a black leather jacket and a ribbed crop top. The blue of the skirt really popped against the yellow and orange fall colors, creating some stunning photos.

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